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How can occupational therapy help?

Occupational therapists (OTs) work to support children in their day to day activities.

Goal areas are identified by families and an OT may help your child build new skills and suggest strategies to help improve their participation and success at home, school and in the community. 

Think about your child's day to day activities. Do you answer YES to the following: 

  • Do they struggle with dressing, meal times or bedtime routines?

  • Are you looking for strategies to support your child's ability to manage stress faced in their day to day lives (their self-regulation skills)

  • Are difficulties with school skills such as using a pencil/crayons, printing, using scissors or organizational skills impacting their participation and success?

  • Are sensory sensitivities or sensory needs impacting their everyday functioning? 

  • Are you looking to better understand your child's behaviours?

Playful Hearts Occupational Therapy for Children can help your child achieve goals that are important to your family

Home  based therapy

Therapy takes place in the child's home allowing us to solve challenges where they happen

  • Individualized programming based on the goals identified by the family

  • 45 minute in home therapy sessions

  • Daycare/school sessions 

  • No travel charge for Warman/Martensville/Saskatoon

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Clinic based sessions

Clinic sessions are available in Saskatoon.
Please contact for details.

  • Individualized OT programming based on the goals identified by the family

  • 45 minute OT sessions

  • Joint OT and SLP sessions available

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Meet Julia 

Registered Occupational Therapist
MSc(OT), OT Reg. (SK)

Hi I am Julia. Welcome!

I am a wife and mom to 2 daughters and 2 rescue dogs.  I have a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from McMaster University
and a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Lethbridge. I have been supporting children, their families and school teams through occupational therapy since 2008. I started my career in the Calgary area working in schools and providing home based services. I have been in the Saskatoon area since 2019 working in schools, private clinic, and now providing home based services. I use relationship based approaches to support engagement and success. I am a life long learner and continuously looking for new opportunties to better support children and their families. This includes taking courses on using strengths based approaches to autism (not compliance based) and trauma informed therapy.  I use child and family-centered approaches and believe that focusing on the child’s strengths and
collaboration with parents/ caregivers is essential for helping children thrive to their potential. Therapy sessions are neurodiversity affirming, playful, engaging and fun! Let's play!


  • Interoception and the Non-speaking Client

  • Best Practices for Implementing Interoception-Based Supports

  • A Strengths Based Approach to Autism and Behavior

  • DIR 101: An Introduction to DIR® and DIR Floortime®

  • Childhood Trauma: Finding A Way Through

  • Fostering Emotional Regulation: From Tears to Fears

  • Responsive Feeding and Therapies

  • Trauma Informed Approach to Sensory Processing

  • Up and Down the Worry Hill: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Anxiety in Youth

  • “The Explosive Child”

  • Handwriting Without Tears

  • Sensory Tool Kit

  • Sensory Processing: A Solid Foundation of Knowledge for Effective Practice


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